Integrated Management
Integrated Management

The management of your print & promotional merchandise is handled by our proprietary ERP system. The software has been developed by Brandable and is organic. Which means that we can grow it and tailor it to suit your needs as they arise.

Some of the main features are:

Private catalogues showing your print and merchandise items only to users that have been defined and authorised by you. Live inventory also available.

Admin rights this allows the marketing manager/procurement manager to control who in your organisation can purchase particular items.

Job Status showing you a live status of where each job is situated. From quote to approved quote to signoff to in production to in dispatch. With jobs also advising ETA's.

Delivery details showing when goods were dispatched, with what courier plus tracking details.

Invoices complete invoice history for individual users

Flexible Payment Options payments for Private catalogue items can be invoiced or users can pay via credit card.

News & Information Page customised page that can be controlled either by Brandable or the Client Admin advising of news and events specific to your organisation.

Customisable Reporting we can tailor make any report you may require for data that is generated within the system.

Whilst our system is designed primarily for companies that have multiple branches/franchisees or large volumes of purchasers, it can also handle much smaller requirements.

Call us today on 1300 757 898 to arrange a live demonstration of what this power tool can do to manage your print and promotional products.